Hearth and Hell

Session 9

Daggers in the Dark

Characters Present:

  • Adora-Belle
  • Dreznoff
  • Jenny
  • Meria
  • Bombur

Despite an escape attempt along the way (foiled by Dreznoff), the party arrived safely in Shadowdale with their captives in tow. Meria met them at the edge of the village with the intention of escorting them to the tavern. Before they reached the Old Skull Tavern, however, Adora-Belle got it in her head to go to the dilapidated windmill that serves as Elminster’s tower. An argument ensued, during which the guard arrived to ask the party politely but firmly why they were dragging two bound and bleeding men through the streets. The party was provided with an escort to the garrison, where they had a conversation with Captain Danek. The suspected Zhent assassins were taken for interrogation.

While en route to the Old Skull Tavern, Adora-Belle stopped off to leave a note on Elminster’s door. She successfully floated up to the tower and back with all her limbs and faculties intact. When the party reached the tavern, Adora-Belle handed over the papers and wandered off to listen to a ballad. Meanwhile, Meria introduced the Harper agent (a bard named Penelope Aurnor) and took her leave. Dreznoff explained the situation with the papers and Penelope promised to have something by sunset the next day.

Adora-Belle and Bombur went off to sell the wand at the temple of Chauntea. Meanwhile, Jenny and Dreznoff went back to the garrison to see if the prisoners talked. They found commotion as the prisoners were discovered dead in their cells. Dreznoff rushed in and examined the assassins, quickly determining that they had poisoned themselves to avoid retribution. He managed to save one of them and began interrogating the man, whose name was Elias Black. Black admitted to being hired by the wizard from the tower. They were to follow the party from Dagger Falls and attack them on the road. Dreznoff discerned that Elias was holding something back, but the man wouldn’t talk until Adora-Belle showed up with Bombur and threatened to read her poetry at him. The assassin finally revealed that a second team had been sent through the Underdark to “clean up” the Harper agent.


  • All characters receive 300 XP for doing their duty as citizens and/or permanent residents of Daggerdale.
  • Dreznoff receives 50 XP for spitting in the face of fate, holding back death, and generally paladin-ness.
  • Adora-Belle receives 30 XP for being endearingly flighty.
  • Jenny receives 30 XP for being a weird alien bird with a predilection for human bondage.



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