Hearth and Hell

Session 1
Hello, My Name Is...

Characters Present:

  • Adora Bell
  • Dreznoff
  • Jenny
  • Meria

For the past year, Dreznoff, a gold dwarf native to the Great Rift, and Jenny, a large flightless bird native to Mystra knows where, have been making the best of things in the Dalelands. They’ve never truly been accepted by the dalefolk, but people have gotten used to them.

Adora-Belle Harpell has recently arrived in Daggerdale on her quest for a prince of marriable age new and interesting magics. While perusing what rustic sights the town has to offer, she noticed a dwarf accompanied by a strange avian creature not recorded in her family’s catalogs. Curious, she began observing the large bird and noticed it retreating to a secret spot just outside town. When she attempted to investigate, Jenny appeared out of nowhere and Adora-Belle beat a hasty retreat.

One night, after drinking heavily, Adora-Belle declared that her prince would soon come and give her the best things in life. Having heard this, a ranger named Meria offered to join her. Whether it was the promise of riches or men that enticed her is anyone’s guess. Upon reaching the bird’s hidey hole, they were confronted by the resolute dwarf and the still cross bird.

Adora-Belle asked to study the feathered monstrosity and said feathered monstrosity sneezed on her. Deliberately. As Adora-Belle was collecting the secretion for further study, Meria attempted to defuse the situation by suggesting they band together to explore the Constable’s Tower. The ranger overheard someone in the tavern suggest that Randal Morn, the lord of Daggerdale, was offering a reward to anyone who could make the tower livable. Meria’s suggestion was met with general assent, and the newly formed party proceeded back into town.


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