Hearth and Hell

Session 8

On the Road Again...

Characters Present:

  • Adora-Belle
  • Dreznoff
  • Jenny
  • Bombur

After spending all night in the tavern arguing about which route they should take to Shadowdale, the party blearily set off down Tesh Trail. On their first night, they were beset by assassins, whom they whupped but good.

But who sent them? Are there more? Will they talk if properly persuaded? Will disagreements over interrogation protocols tear the party apart? Are these rhetorical questions?! THERE’S NO TIME!


  • All characters receive 300 XP for beating the not-so-sneaky assassins into submission.
  • Bombur receives 50 bonus XP for being his awesome self.
  • Jenny receives 30 bonus XP for having teh eagle eyes.
  • Adora-Belle receives 30 bonus XP for RP.
  • Dreznoff receives 20 bonus XP for teamwork.



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