Hearth and Hell

Session 6

Now You See Me...

Characters Present:

  • Adora-Belle
  • Dreznoff
  • Jenny
  • Bombur

Adora-belle sat down to examine the codex they discovered. In deciphering the script, she determined that it was actually a book of soup recipes. (!?)

Dreznoff wandered into a corner and discovered a brace of dwarven strongboxes that will require more than a good thumping if they are to reveal their contents. Meanwhile, the circle embedded in the floor yielded 223 gp worth of precious metals and stones.

Intending to catch the Zhentarim agent that appears to be using the tower as his/her base of operations, the party collected some bedding from the lower floors and settled in to wait. Dreznoff was on watch when the wizard tried to sneak up on them using a spell of invisibility. He immediately alerted the party and they deployed various strategies to reveal the attacker, including throwing enchanted ink, rocks and torches.

While Bombur concealed himself to ready a strike, Jenny managed to leap high enough to get ahold of the wizard and pull her to the ground. The wound was severe enough that the wizard teleported out in a panic, leaving behind some scraps of bloodied silk.


  • All characters receive 700 XP for defeating the wizard and sending her running with her tail between her legs.
  • Bombur receives 30 bonus XP for combat and RP.
  • Jenny receives 40 bonus XP for combat and RP (highlight: grabbing the wizzy).
  • Adora-Belle receives 60 bonus XP for combat and RP (highlight: planning to give her grandmother the book of soup recipes).
  • Dreznoff receives 40 bonus XP for combat and RP.



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