Hearth and Hell

Session 5

Spies and Spells and Spirits, Oh My

Characters Present:

  • Adora-Belle
  • Bombur
  • Jenny
  • Dreznoff

After defeating the poorly-constructed (according to Adora-Belle) golem, the party investigated some closed doors. Jenny and Dreznoff examined the portal to the north and determined that it led to a library. After much bashing of heads and dwarven cursing, they managed to break down the door. And Bombur didn’t even have to set anything on fire.

The library looked to have been ransacked: everything was off the shelves and unceremoniously dumped into a pile in the middle of the room. Adora-Belle found a book on transmutation and a book on wild magic. The latter detailed a theory about spontaneous generation of clay, stone and flesh constructs.

Since the golem was the stairs, Dreznoff made a rope ladder to climb up to the top floor. The party found a wizard’s laboratory (yes, a laBORatory) complete with stinky fungus, entrails and instruments of torture disguised as “research.” Bombur found some precious stones and metals embedded in the wooden floor and began prying them up. Meanwhile, Adora-Belle sensed something magical near her dwarven friend and alerted the party. It was a tiny winged demon that slashed Adora-Belle and poisoned her before Dreznoff and Bombur whacked it to death.

After defeating the demon, they examined the room for anything else that might be of interest and found evidence that a Zhentarim spy resides in Dagger Falls.


  • All characters received 600 XP for defeating the golem and demon as well as advancing the story.
  • Bombur received 60 bonus XP for combat and roleplay.
  • Dreznoff received 40 bonus XP for combat.
  • Adora-Belle received 40 bonus XP for combat and roleplay.
  • Jenny received 30 bonus XP for roleplay.



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