Hearth and Hell

Session 4

Spells and Stairs

Characters Present:

  • Adora-Belle
  • Jenny
  • Dreznoff
  • Bombur (partial)

Using their highly sophisticated stick-poking method, the party advanced through the first level of the tower without incident. Though no spells hit them, there were significant (and apparently random) discharges of magic, which Adora-Belle noticed stopped in mid-air when they reached the path of safety. The door to the tower closed of its own accord, locking Bombur and Meria outside. Meria left to get some tools while Bombur stayed to bang his head (literally?) against the problem.

As they proceeded, they discovered a storeroom to the west and a guardroom to the south. Proceeding along the safe path, they found a locked door. Adora-Belle knocked and called “Housekeeping!” to no avail. She told Dreznoff to try the door. He attempted to determine if there was anything evil lurking on the other side, but couldn’t feel his god. It was at this time that the party determined they were walking through a dead zone. Dreznoff broke down the door.

Meanwhile, Bombur applied a similarly dwarvish solution to his locked door and joined the party. Everyone went to the second floor to investigate and found two well-appointed bedchambers, some servants’ quarters and a locked room. The spiral stairs leading to the third level were carved with a vaguely humanoid shape that came alive when Adora-Belle started up the stairs. They managed to defeat the creature, but the stairs were obliterated when the statue came to life. As they considered the gaping hole in the fifteen-foot ceiling, Dreznoff attempted to bind Bombur’s wound.


Bombur: 60 (general progress, combat and taking one for the team)
Adora-Belle: 80 (general progress, combat and entertaining RP)
Jenny: 80 (general progress, combat, investigation)
Dreznoff: 80 (general progress, combat, investigation)



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