Hearth and Hell

Session 3

Into the Tower

Characters Present:

  • Meria
  • Bombur
  • Jenny
  • Dreznoff
  • Adora-Belle

During an audience with Lord Randal Morn, the party learned the specifics of their quest. Lord Morn is offering five thousand gold pieces (and possibly land or titles) to anyone who can clear out the Constable’s Tower. The Zhent wizard Ilthond made the place his base of operations, adding architectural elements as well as enchantments. Randal Morn himself was briefly imprisoned there, and thinks there must have been at least three floors, not counting the cellar. He wishes the party luck and leaves to go about the business of running Dagger Falls.

The party set out for the tower, making the 45-minute hike to the hill overlooking Dagger Falls. The tower itself looks quite new and well-maintained, despite being abandoned for over a year. Adora-Belle examined the arcane energies of the place and established that it is literally glowing with magic. She also sensed an extraplanar presence somewhere inside.

A group of children were playing near the tower. Adora-Belle addressed them sternly, trying to scare them away from danger. Bombur took a gentler approach, but that didn’t stop Jenny from ruffling her feathers a bit in defense of the children. They eventually persuade the little ones to run along, and the rugrats do provide one interesting piece of information before they go: someone has been entering the tower and actually making it back out.

Meria threw a club inside and the tower’s spells chewed it up. However, the ranger noticed a track through the dust and indicated the direction it seemed to take. Adora-Belle threw a crossbow bolt that way and nothing happened. Jenny kicked dust at the doorway, which obscured the path but didn’t set off the spells. However, she did this just as Adora-Belle took a step inside, evoking considerable consternation from the mage.



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