Hearth and Hell

Session 12

Party Like It's 1372 DR

Characters Present:

  • Jenny
  • Dreznoff
  • Adora-Belle
  • Bombur

Each member of the adventuring party prepared for Lord Morn’s feast in his or her own way. Adora-Belle spent the day making Scrolls of Detect Poison that might double as sheet music. Dreznoff sewed the sum of his personal wealth into his clothes so as to conceal the fact that he was wearing armor to the party. Jenny, meanwhile, hid her armor in plain sight. Bombur made sure the group’s weapons were effectively concealed behind a rather fetching tapestry. And if he started tasting the ale a bit early, well…

As the guests began to trickle in, Bombur ingratiated himself with the tradesmen by performing the Dalelands equivalent of a keg stand. Jenny wandered around pretending to be a regular (giant) bird and stealing food. This put her in a position to hear the gossip at the nobles’ table about the odd bird and the strangely bedecked dwarf seated with Lord Morn’s people.

When the musicians entered and began setting up their instruments, Adora-Belle managed to claim their set break for her own flute performance. However, when she finally began playing, something went horribly wrong. During the horrified silence that followed, the adventurers observed one person who was not fazed by this: a servant determinedly placing a tray of meat pies on Lord Morn’s table. Surmising that this must be the poisoner, they warned Morn (Jenny), stopped Adora-Belle from eating any poisoned pie when she was invited to sit next to Morn (Bombur) and observed the guests for suspicious activity (Dreznoff). Adora-Belle fled the room, upset and seemingly unaware of what just happened. Jenny and Dreznoff chased down the poisoner while Bombur went after Adora-Belle.

The serving girl was frightened, but not entirely truthful. Lord Morn ordered that she be taken for questioning. Bombur found Adora-Belle just outside the feasting hall, waiting for one of the guards to return with her flute, which she had left behind. As Bombur tried to comfort her, the guard rushed out of the room and passed on Lord Morn’s orders. Soon Dreznoff and Jenny emerged with the quaking servant between them, and everyone moved off toward the cells.


  • All characters receive 500 XP for defending Lord Morn without ruining the party.
  • Dreznoff receives 50 bonus XP for his determined vetting of the guests.
  • Adora-Belle receives 50 bonus XP for creative roleplay.
  • Bombur receives 50 bonus XP for holding his liquor and being kind to Adora-Belle.
  • Jenny receives 50 bonus XP for thinking on her feet to protect Randal Morn and catch the bad guy.



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