Hearth and Hell

Session 11

How Do We Get There From Here?

Characters Present:

  • Jenny
  • Dreznoff
  • Adora-Belle

While Jenny and Dreznoff secured the prisoners, Adora-Belle was getting to know her new best bard buddy. Shadowdale’s night watch arrived soon after they were subdued. After the night’s events were related to the proper authorities, the party got some sleep while Penelope finished her work on the coded documents.

The papers obtained in the Constable’s Tower revealed a plot taking shape in Daggerdale. The communication involved a fake assassination attempt on Randal Morn. The attack was designed to allow a “healer” access so that a sample of Morn’s flesh could be acquired for some dark magic. Upon hearing this, the party decided to return to Daggerdale. Conveniently, they spotted a griffon circling Elminster’s tower. Upon investigating, they found Storm Silverhand discussing matters with a dwarven griffon rider. When Storm heard the adventurers’ tale, bolstered by the words of Harper agent Penelope Aurnor, she secured them transport on the griffons (all except Jenny, who took the short route as fast as her legs could carry her).

Once in Daggerdale, they discussed the situation with Randal Morn. The lord of the dale suggested that the party come to the night’s feast as guests, since the poisoning was supposed to happen during the festivities.


  • All characters receive 300 XP for their efforts to get the wizard’s papers decrypted.
  • Adora-Belle receives 20 bonus XP for filling out the session feedback form.



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