Hearth and Hell

Session 10

Outta My Way, Y'old Bat!

Characters Present:

  • Jenny
  • Dreznoff
  • Adora-Belle
  • Bombur (late)

The party rushed to the tavern and found Jhaele Silivermane alone in the common room. She refused them entry even after they begged shamefully and vociferously. When pushed, she locked the door to the upper floors and pulled her mace like she knew which end of it was used for whacking. Adora-Belle tried to cast a sleep spell on her but the magic simply flowed over her without effect. This caused Adora-Belle to flee, while Dreznoff and Jenny redoubled their efforts to talk some sense into the woman.

Adora-Belle gathered her courage once outside and snuck around the back to do some second-story work. She found Penelope under attack in her room and gave what aid she could.

Jenny and Dreznoff exited the tavern, were accosted by…Jhaele Siilvermane? And reentered the tavern with a newly arrived Bombur in tow. The real Jhaele Silvermane shouted her head off, urging Belgar (her enormous barbarian bouncer) to kill the doppleganger. This was eventually accomplished, but it was a team effort.


  • All characters receive 400 XP for valor in the face of a very grumpy innkeeper and all-around monster slaying.
  • Dreznoff and Jenny each receive 50 bonus XP for a realistic moral dilemma.
  • Adora-Belle receives 50 bonus XP for being both moral and practical, even while fleeing like a little girl.
  • Bombur receives 30 bonus XP for being amusingly befuddled and engaging in axe-bonding.



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